The World Underground

A must watch. So much is discussed. 

After tons of preparation, Episode 1 is here. The World Underground is a DIY project set on spotlighting underground creative scenes within various countries, the first location being China. So many bands are featured in this documentary, some new to me and others old time favorites, and hearing their thoughts on contemporary Chinese culture both within the underground creative scene and outside of it was enlightening. Overall a consensus was made: there needs to be more DIY within Chinese creativity to help stimulate not just more of it within the scene, but also to help establish a new kind of Chinese culture after traditional eradication. The World Underground is influential. It helps with gaining a deeper understanding of the situation in China, and I urge you to find the time to watch it all the way through.

Welcome to The World Underground. Episode one begins on tour with one of Mainland China’s most legendary bands, P.K.14. We delve into various cities along the way, including Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, and Wuhan. Over three dozen artists make up the first new, cumulative feature-length update on China’s underground in over half a decade.

The idea is simple, with complex layers. D.I.Y films on artists across the globe, released online for donation, with the hope of funding the next. Below, you can watch the first episode, a feature length film on China, listen to over 50 live recordings, dive into an extensive connection page. The goal is global connectivity. It’s already happening.

A global archive, free to all.

Suggested donation for online viewing is $5, the hope being we can do this again.

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