This is a great episode

The Sound Stage‘s 65th episode features SUBS 杀不死 and gives new listeners a taste of the band’s music and philosophies, both of which I very much connect with. SUBS possess a lot of wisdom, and the overall feeling of the band is one that combines their depth with their strength. I thoroughly enjoyed this installment!

One of the most ferocious DIY bands in China, if not the world, SUBS takes you on a bullet train through China’s sound underground. One of the most important bands in the country for nearly a decade, SUBS has been the subject of a foreign documentary, toured Europe, but most of all, stuck to their core principles about what goes into making their music – whatever they want.

The song featured in this episode is called Much.

SUBS is:

主唱 Vocals:抗猫 Kang Mao
吉他 Guitar:吴昊 Wu Hao
鼓手 Drums:卡儿 Carl*

*Since the filming of this episode, SUBS has recruited a new drummer: Josh Feola.

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(Source: The Sound Stage)