Lol a lil math for ya~

SHINee are primed for their 2015 comeback, their first step being the release of this very limited comeback trailer. There’s not much to pick out besides a possible country-esque concept, at least in terms of the song. Idk but it’s gonna be summery and I kinda like how it’s sounding so far. I want sunshine with the guys chilling with their girls and just enjoying the warm weather for the visuals. Gimme a summer banger SHINee come on (or as much of a banger an SM idol group can give lol)! People are speculating the arm belongs to Onew. Fans have eyes like a hawk cause you barely get even a glimpse of the man’s face, but after watching it a few times I think they’re right! What are you guys expecting with this comeback?


(Source: SMTOWN)