CL‘s U.S. debut is here and in full effect, featuring the innovator Diplo, OG Maco and… Riff Raff… (pass). Dr. Pepper is a song for the goons, a straight hot mess, but it’s AMAZING!!! Supposedly she wrote the song after being pissed about Diplo canceling a session with her while drinking Dr. Pepper, and Diplo loved it and so now we have this masterpiece. CL has so much fire in her delivery on this track- she felt this shit and gave it her absolute all! I’m excited, you’re excited, WE’RE ALL EXCITED! I mean how can we not be?! The energy in this song makes me believe it’s something the U.S. audience will jam to. It doesn’t have any of that cheesy Kpopiness that so many in the West dislike. It’s a bonafide banger that just so happens to star a girl that does Kpop music, not a Kpop artist TRYING to be relevant Westward. CL is cool and confident, effortlessly fitting in with the American aesthetic and sound. Her being Korean is (thankfully) not a detriment like it’s been for many before her, but instead a cool factor that positively sets her apart. LET’S GET IT, CHAELIN!!

Expect Dr. Pepper on iTunes on the 26th!


(Source: Mad Decent)