Da Nu

Da Nu’s “Journey” from 1st full length album

It’s not hard to sing, but being able to call yourself a singer is something not many can do! Da Nu‘s title track Journey is a beautiful, vibrant release in every aspect, soothing the soul and calming the emotions. This guy is immensely talented, and I can only imagine how fantastic his lives must be- the voice is an instrument indeed! Da Nu’s 1st album Journey is out today, so make sure to support. If you’re so moved that you wanna directly reach out to him, which is a definite possibility, follow him on Facebook!

‘Da Nu’ came back with 1st full album [Journey] in a year. This album has 9 tracks containing remastered version of existing songs, such as ‘On Stage’, ‘Solitude’. ‘Da Nu’ means ‘that moment’ in German. He would like to share the emotion with people through his voice.




(Source: Mirrorball Music)