Femme Fatale

Seriously, I’m so glad that it’s survived this long

Visual Kei fashion has always been something I loved dearly. It’s that elegant combination of masculinity and femininity paired with Victorian style garb that I find so enchanting! It’s hilarious to hear Americans or other Western society’s views on men that do Visual Kei, calling them the names we’ve all heard before. Little do they know that a lot of these men have no problems getting girls, haha! But it’s not just the look, the music style is fantastic too! The vocalists, like Femme Fatale‘s Kaya, have such control over their voices and the rest of the band’s skill is seriously impressive. Knowing that Kaya is 35 just puts him and the rest of the band’s dedication into perspective. They’ve been practicing their craft for years, so their amount of skill is obviously high. Enjoy Femme Fatale’s 2nd single Voyage below!