Seo In Young

I’m not a fan it… but all these features lately…

Lies isn’t my cup of tea and definitely not one of my favorites from her, but more importantly I wanna address all of the features she’s been doing lately. Every lead single these past couple of years have featured a popular male vocalist or rapper, and I really think it’s because Seo In Young lacks the ability to demand public attention like she used to on her own. It’s a good marketing strategy to pair with other singers that are trendy to boost your own name, and it’s a good look for them too cause they’re working with a veteran, but it makes me sad that this is happening to Seo In Young. I like her a lot and she definitely has a name that everyone recognizes, but I guess even the best just have a moment. I personally love all the features she does, it’s just I can see the above mentioned being the reality of them. What do you guys think?