Asian-American film group Dim Sum Pictures release a comedic music video cover to Taeyang of BIGBANG’s Wedding Dress!

I think Dim Sum Pictures are doing something really unique by recreating K-Pop music videos, and it’s something I see becoming a huge hit amongst K-Pop fans.

Although funny, Dim Sum’s rendition of Wedding Dress has a lot more to offer than comedy. The group incorporated dance-breaks into the music video cover, and even got actors outside of their film group to play some of the roles. What I think is most important though, is that Dim Sum Pictures managed to keep the original feeling and message of the song within their remake. Those who’ve been involved in a one-sided love can relate to Dim Sum’s visuals as, despite the lead character (SOL)’s efforts to win his love, can’t tear her away from her boyfriend. Their comedy sets a lighter mood to a generally heavy topic, which provides comfort to those struggling in a similar situation.

Dim Sum Pictures are recreating some of K-Pop’s most cherished songs and making them their own, all while holding onto their original meaning. Their innovation is definitely something to be admired, not to mention their videos are just plain fun to watch.

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