Korean boy group U-KISS release the full music video to comeback track, Neverland!

Neverland is going to win them a music show award. U-KISS‘s comeback single and album, Neverland, is what I’d like to call their best release yet, possessing A+ choreography, amazing special effects, impressive styling and a shocking twist in member Kevin’s performance.

For their comeback U-KISS have totally transformed Kevin’s role in the group, making him an extremely edgy and bold character instead of the usual soft and gentle person he’s known to be. NH Media made sure to push U-KISS to a new level by giving fans something completely unexpected; I think it will serve them well.

As a fan of U-KISS, I’m really hoping they win an award. It would be well deserved, and something I’ve watched them work hard for.


(Source: ukisshoon)