For reasons only a few will understand!

Naturally I’m a fan of the original over this remix. The lyrics from the featured artists here are disgusting to say the least, but at least Korean Hip Hop is getting the attention it deserves. The reason releases like IT G MA make me proud is because of what it represents. I’m sure every fan of Asian ANYTHING in the West got those looks of criticism from friends and acquaintances who didn’t understand (and also didn’t WANT to understand) your interest in Asian music, anime, manga, or whatever it was at some point. And to those people we all said f*ck you, ima keep doing me.

But now many of those same people that were casting crazy amounts of shade are the same ones d*ck riding this whole IT G MA wave, and actively seeking out more Korean Hip Hop like it. It honestly makes me LOL in real life, because I’m just like “yall coulda BEEN on!” My whole experience with Asian entertainment has been trying to share it with the world, that’s why FEV was created, but only a small group of people understood the dopeness that was coming out of Asia. Now everyone’s a stan and it’s just like whaaaat?! It’s one thing to not like it because it’s not your thing but it’s another thing to completely diss it just because it’s Asian, which is something many people equate with corniness.

IT G MA is like the first FULL Korean/Japanese release that has blown up globally out of nowhere on the LEGIT tip, not some hokey shit like PSY. It was a totally Asian Hip Hop thing, and now everyone is bumping it and screaming “Arigato” like it’s their f*cking job. That’s something Keith Ape, The Cohort and all of us fans should be proud of! We on the come up, and it’s about damn time!


(Source: Complex)