“That Good Good” is his latest mandopop effort

Luhan, formerly of EXO, has released his first, 2 track Mandarin single Reloaded 1, and the title track is a Hip Hop influenced, but still majorly Pop, record entitled That Good Good. I’m not gonna hate, the song is catchy. Personally I don’t like it that much, but it’s definitely the type of song I can see many people getting stuck in their heads due to the repetitive “I got that good good” hook and heavy bass.

I don’t know much about the whole EXO scandal as I’m not an EXO fan, but if shit was as bad as Luhan and the other members that left were saying it was then I applaud him for departing and starting his own thing. That Good Good is a release of high production, and I hope it all pays off for him. I don’t think Mandopop is as good as Kpop so I’m not expecting any bangers or anything from him going forward, but I do want to see him succeed and have a good career after all he’s supposedly been through.

Reloaded 1 is available on iTunes Here.


(Source: 海蝶音樂)