The Machinery of Other Skeletons

It’s heavy

Noise Arcade‘s latest Experimental Electronic release is a 3 track mini remix album of Shanghai based Metal band The Machinery of Other Skeletons. The combination of all of these genres makes for a seriously trippy, dark auditory experience. It feels like being sucked into a black hole or something, but without what I would imagine to be the indescribable fear. It’s actually quite meditative.

Noise Arcade’s album release comes with some sad news. I hope creating is providing you comfort, brother. I’m sending nothing but the best energies your way.

static faded even further is available for Name Your Price on Noise Arcade’s Bandcamp

These are the first recordings I have done and released since my mother passed away this summer. It is fitting that The Machinery of Other Skeletons EP that I remixed is called Static Fades. This is only my contribution to their remix compilation which I have titled ‘static faded even further’. All of the remixes are in the link