The Quiett


Like when there’s a language barrier and you can still feel the music, that’s how you know music is alive and has force. F*ck verbal communication, that sentiment is all I need to EMPATHIZE!

Ever since I downloaded AMBITIQN from Datpiff all those years ago I’ve been a fan of The Quiett. That album is still on a very heavy rotation, and I remember bumping those tracks full of 70’s inspiration hoping for the day when I’d get another album from a man that always has top notch production and killer bars.

That day is finally, finally here; the long awaited 1 Life 2 Live is strong! The Quiett f*cking murders it yet again, as evidenced by the album already getting mad respect from people in the Korean Hip Hop scene in its first 24 hours of being released. Fans of The Quiett know his distinct style of rap, but he manages to keep it fresh and new every time. Production, vocals, everything comes together to create a record that allows you delve deep into the music, like I find myself just cruising in my car reflecting and shit when his music starts playing. Even Q’s tracks about flexing still have this mellow, profound energy about them, and I accredit that to the production. It’s just… ugh, I can go on and on about The Quiett and his music man, so lemme just shut up already and get yall to it. Listen to the entire 1 Life 2 Live album below in playlist mode, and support by copping the album on iTunes.


(Source: Jeff Hwang)