Like OOH-AHH MV is here. TWICE officially debut.

Like OOH-AHH isn’t what I thought it’d be. I guess I was expecting a more Dance type of track since that’s what JYP’s forte is, but instead it’s just a regular Pop song that honestly any contemporary girl group could have done, for example Red Velvet. None of the girls’ vocals have a unique quality about them or anything. The breakdown at 2:45 was the best part of the song for me, everything else is really mundane. I’m not trying to sound like a hater, just calling it how I see it.

Also wtf is with the outfits and zombies? I was legitimately excited for the whole undead concept based on the teasers but it has NOTHING to do with the meaning of the song, which is just about the girls talking about how hot they are and how they’re waiting to fall in love. I get that the overall theme is like… zombie apocalypse but there’s really no story in the music video at all, just the girls jumping around a bunch of different set locations. Also you have some of the members dressed sexily, Hip Hop, in workout gear, as a cheerleader, like wtf I don’t get it?

This is JYP, I was expecting something way more thrilling and comprehensible! TWICE‘s debut has high production value, of course, but it’s not coherent at all. Too much going on and none of it makes sense.

TL;DR TWICE’s debut is just a conglomeration of trendy things in Pop culture just ’cause they’re trendy. What do you guys think?


(Source: jypentertainment)