I’d play it

I don’t know what the point of the game would be but I honestly wouldn’t care, as long as I get to do some crazy, outlandish, wreckless shit, lol.

ZICO‘s latest single 말해 Yes or No marks his 3rd solo release, and it features rookie rapper PENOMECO and The Quiett (AYYYEEEE~~). The Quiett promotes his new album in his verse by dropping that 1 Life 2 Live line haha, I see you! Tell Me Yes or No is good though, perfect for the turn up. The MV is only around a minute long and that’s because ZICO supposedly thought the animation style would get boring in a full release, or at least that’s what I’ve been hearing the reason is. I included the full audio after the MV just in case you haven’t already heard it.

ZICO’s 3rd Single [Tell me yes or no] release!

ZICO is coming back after 8 month with his new single!

ZICO is Block B’s leader and producer, and has so many hit numbers as a composer. He is now start challenge as a solo rapper.

Last year, ZICO issued a single ‘Tough Cookie’ and ‘Well done’, which is released early this year have shown ZICO’s ability as a solo rapper and hip-hop producer. This single would be a proof of ZICO’s talent and future possibility.

He chose ‘Tell me yes or no’ as his first step of new project. This track is previously disclosed to public on Mnet ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ with Yuk Jidam. Many people waited ZICO’s solo version, but we only can listen to it in ZICO’s live and now finally we can listen to his own version!

With a slow tempo ‘Trap beats,’ This song is composed of well-knowned, addictive verse and ZICO’s fabulous rapping.

Furthermore, ‘The Quiett’ who founded ‘ILLIONAIRE RECORDS’ with Dok-2, featured this song, and PENOMECO, who is ZICO’s close friend and hip hop rookie also featured.

The animated video which is really artistic and sensuous, it is produced by an rookie artist and ZICO found him by himself on SNS, The artist’s sense and ZICO’s planning is in harmony.

‘Tell me yes or no’ has swept various music charts and There is much attention towards ZICO’s next project.




(Source: seven seasons & L.J.W FILMS)