Owen Ovadoz

“mmm” MV is finally here. Been waiting eons, it feels like

It’s just like… there’s so many great artists and so much good music being slept on that it’s frustrating. Seriously I wish I could just take songs and force people to listen, because I don’t understand HOW they don’t hear the dopeness or at least take the time to check it out. But whatever, I don’t want their insincerity anyway. The struggles of an American (Western) fan of non-American music, amirite?

Owen Ovadoz has released the full MV to mmm, a track he teased about all the way back in August (seems like so much longer, though). It features nafla as well as a very stripped down beat produced by The Quiett. Let me preface by telling you guys there is no bass line. None whatsover, and that’s honestly its charm. A warm, lazy Summer vibe carries mmm from start to finish, Owen and nafla’s flow making the perfect companions. This track totally captures the feeling of nostalgia, just mackin’ and enjoying life in its most simplest state. Just being free, you know? Now that mmm is finally out, best believe it’ll be on heavy rotation. Definitely my fave release of the week so far.




(Source: MAKE IT RAIN)