Beijing Rebel

Chinese documentary ‘BEIJING REBELS’ is a cry for help

FarEastVibes has and always will be a voice for the underrepresented and/or repressed musician, and we’ve shown that through our numerous spotlights on artists of multiple genres and cultural backgrounds. One of our favorite indie scenes is China’s (we’ve written about it numerous times, as you all know) because we’re fans of the hard work and deep sentiment the country has towards music and the arts. There’s just a certain energy within the country that can not be found anywhere else, and that’s largely because of the country’s history.

Beijing Rebel follows Jia Wei, front man of Yin Sanr and Purple Soul, through a turbulent, musical journey. He and his entire crew are trying to move the masses through music, through their lyrical truths, and the Chinese government is trying to silence them. Music has life of its own and does so much for all of us, and that can not and should not be muted. More info on the documentary and its Kickstarter below. I’m putting my money in in the name of Chinese artistic liberation, and I hope you all will join me.

p.s. If this reminds you of the Beijing Punk documentary directed by Shaun Jefford which focused on the very legendary Demerit, you’re definitely on the right track. Both documentaries tell very similar stories about the lives of musicians in Beijing, China, the only difference really being the genre of music focused on.

Documentary about banned Chinese rap artist in need of financial support through Kickstarter:…

Last summer I shot a documentary about the group Yin Sanr in Beijing. Recently they got some major attention in the media because of the list of the 120 banned songs by the Chinese Ministry of Culture. The first 17 songs on the list are all by them.They are not allowed to perform anymore and their albums are banned.

I got the unique chance to follow the daily life of front man Jia Wei from Yin Sanr and his new group Purple Soul in Beijing and talk about his motivation and inspiration. In an oppressed cultural scene he dares to be one of the few artists to take a stand and express his frustrations.

The film also features rap legend MC Webber, Beijing graffiti artists, Ijapa from Yin Sanr and the Purple Soul crew

I think this is an important story that needs to be told. Hope people will donate to the project and share it among their friends.

All the info can be found here:…

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Also if you’re interested in helping me complete the film with your translation, editing or other filmmaking skills please contact me too!

About the director:

My name is Raymond Verhoef and I’m a filmmaker from Amsterdam The Netherlands. I always focus on making documentaries about the role of hip hop in society. I have worked with many Dutch rap artists and made some documentaries about the educational of rap music in Africa.


(Source: ZHONG.TV)