B.A.P Release Bang Yongguk’s solo video teaser for “MATRIX”!

I have a friend who’s favorite group is B.A.P, Bang Yongguk being her ult bias, and she literally (and I mean literally) fell out on the floor. The power idols have is truly astonishing.

But you know what, I know my friend isn’t the only one. Fan girls and boys around the globe are flipping a shit over the B.A.P comeback because it’s ACTUALLY happening. It’s one thing to talk about a comeback and how the group is preparing but when you actually see those teasers released you get hit with the reality, especially after huge controversies like B.A.P’s? And the icing on the cake is that we all know TS CAN’T fck up anymore, because if they do they’re completely done. Like EVERYONE would blacklist them.

Watch Bang Yongguk’s Matrix teaser below!




(Source: TSENT2008)