Huckleberry P

A powerful track from one of Hi-Lite’s finest

Huckleberry P‘s Everest is all about the perseverance one needs when it comes to dream chasing, using the famous mountain as a metaphor for the steep, heavy climb to success. Some awesome YouTube commenters have provided a summation of what the song’s about and even translated the lyrics, which was definitely needed. Everest is one of those songs where you want to know in, detail, what’s going on lyrically, just so you can fully get into the song’s vibe and MV visuals. It’s a deep release about never giving up, and Huckleberry P is doing a great job at making his dreams a reality. It’s a beautiful song, really.

Of course these are not official lyric trans, so take them with a grain of salt. You’ll still get the meaning! Sometimes people on the internet can be dope af!

Summary by 박태민 :

+D4Y i cannot make subtitle but i can summarize what is going on. First, before he starts climbing up the mountain Everest — which is title of the music. It represents the HipHop scene –, he and his friends made promise ‘let’s meet at the top of the mountain.’ However, his friends died at the middle of the mountain — which represents they gave up rapping because of the realistic problems –. And there are so many losers who blame him and his friends ‘why the hell are you wasting your time doing such that shit’. As you can see at @3:26 even though there are so many damn things that disturb Huckleberry, but he keeps his position — which means he will keep climbing up to the top of the mountain with no excuse. Conclusion: This whole music is about his musical resolution and passion.
Trans by singhuman hand:
it’s a hole that devour all dreamersnew corpses are found as a day pass bythe highest white hole soaring into the skyimagining the top is my old pleasure [1:08]the place noone can easily conquer
for some people it’s an eye of a needle
but that’s why everyone is obsessed
yeah, that’s why i am going there too
a book of all the success storys
i hold it hard with my shivering hand
i pack everyone’s concern in my sack
cary it on my shoulder, damm it’s heavy
each one with there own packs
pray to the god or somthing else they believe in
we promise as we pat each other’s shoulder
let us all see again at the Top [1:44][2:06] footprints of the ones who were before me
i try to keep track but i cant see a thing
i was accustomed to following others
so that sense of loss was quite harsh for me
today,i had to let my friend go again
he was blameing himself
for not keeping the promise we made
he said”i shouldn’t have come at the first place”[2:30]what i read from the book is useless
this fuxxing blizzard is far from ending
just like my friend’s trace went under the snow
someday mine will too, maybe
what’s bothering me more then sack’s weight
is the negative thought growing inside me
was i supposed to be satisfied for just looking?
i shake my head, keep on, to the top [2:54]

i’m a few dots that left on this vicious hill
what keeps me going, is a false hope
everyone passing by said the ward ‘impossible’
i dont want to hear nor say it
so i shut my ear tight
hero from my youth, he’s found dead now
i don’t want to see anymore corpses, nomore
but more then that,what i don’t want to see
is the faces of that mocking losers after i give up [3:17]

i dont want me to be remembered like them
so i keep my eyeballs hanging on the top
difficult breathing from climing up there
is a proof that i am stll breathing, so i keep on
weight of my sack on my shoulder
and the wards i have said
all things torment me
but when i’m finally there
i imagin that view from above
yes, i’m a slave to that imagination
that is the one moving my feet [3:43]

it’s a hole that devour all dreamers
new corpses are found as a day pass by
the highest white hole soaring into the sky
imagining the top is my old pleasure

(Source: Hi-Lite Records)