Popu Lady

It’s just meh

I don’t think Popu Lady have the vocals to pull off a sexy concept like this, as each member’s voice is very weak and frail. Comments are saying that their vocals are so weak that they don’t have the power to really support the instrumentals hook, and I completely agree. I’ll take it a step forward and say that their vocal ability is a bit too soft for the instrumental as a whole, which incorporates heavy bass and dub step. I think given their current talents Popu Lady should’ve stuck with their cute image, because their lack of vocals was a bit less obvious and worked with that concept. What do you guys think?

p.s. They should really stop rapping too, lol. I sound like I don’t like these girls but I do! It’s fun to see a new-ish, trendy, Taiwanese girl group! Just being honest, as always lol.




(Source: 華研國際)