Shing02 and Cradle Orchestra’s joint album! Much wow! 

Shing02 has released his new album Zone of Zen with the musical accompaniment of Cradle Orchestra, a group of musicians who pair their orchestral music background with underground rappers to create some pretty unconventional, yet ill sounds. My favorites on the album are Windy Chimes and Passionista for their high speed energy. Loving how both make me feel like I’m on some sort of journey, like I have to keep moving forward!

I haven’t heard anything like this from Shingo before but I think this new style is right up his alley. His lyrics have always been very poetic so I believe his kind of writing style works perfectly with jazzy and orchestral music, which is exactly what Cradle Orchestra provide. Zone of Zen is definitely worth checking out and picking up, if only to hear what one of the most renown emcees in Japanese Hip Hop has been up to recently.