Details and music and videos after the break! 

A lot of big changes are going on for GUIGUISUISUI at the top of the year, and it’s something that they say will keep going throughout! Read on below for more details and to listen to their new live album! Also touring around China and Thailand! Updates galore!

Beijing based zombie noise duo GUIGUISUISUI are marking the start of a new year with a live album and series of videos shot at the end of last year. The reason? GGSS changed up a lot in 2015, going from a one man band to a boy/girl British/Chinese 8-bit driven freak opera and it’s likely to change up a lot more in the next twelve months, so we decided to document a particular moment in this transition of old songs being switched up and new material being worked through.

On December 1, 2015 we did a show at DDC bar in Beijing and made it free for anyone who wanted to come and watch, and recorded the whole thing while our friends Will Griffith and Graeme Nico shot us creeping around. The result:  ‘Airpocalypse Blues: Live In Beijing’.

The links are below, check them out if you’re interested and share around to friends/ inflict on your enemies as you wish.

Next week GUIGUISUISUI will be heading off on their latest tour in support of the ‘Airpocalypse’ EP, this time from Beijing to Guangxi province in China as well as three dates in Thailand. The first show will be at Yuyintang in Shanghai on January 16, 2016 with Round Eye and Jackanapes.


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