Seippelabel Vol 2

Nice compilation by Brad Seippel aka thruoutin of some of Beijing’s finest

Brad put together some really dope bands of varying styles for us all to vibe out to. A couple of these names I don’t recognize, so it’s a nice introduction for me too. The different flavors present make it hard not to find at least one artist featured that you won’t click with (in the Rock and Electronic genres, at least), if not all of them. More details from him, as well as the compilation which is Name Your Price on Bandcamp, below. I feel revitalized!

“Vol 2. showcases a whole new bunch of artists in Beijing. Kicking off this compilation is a song by Little Punk. This duo comprises of former members from Shanghai’s Boys Climbing Ropes. They’ve now since been in Beijing for a few years. Their acoustic guitar and rich vocals compliment the project and each other well. Next is Beijing local electronic producer and modular synth builder Mengqi. His track +1111 takes on IDM and acid techno styles made with a combination of software and his personal handcrafted devices. Moving on we have Social Boar, a name most people aren’t familiar with yet. The namesake of David Wilson’s aka “Woolly” solo project who is the former guitarist of Beijing Math Rock outfit Mammals and current guitarist of Fake Weed. We can look forward to seeing Social Boar developing into a live act somewhere around this winter. Following up Social Boar’s submission is a wonderful noise piece by Shenzhen visual artist and electronic producer Hong Qile. This track is a small taste of what you could expect from his live performances sans the intense geometric two tone visuals. Finalizing Seippelabel Vol. 2 is a 12 minute and 20 second journey into the mind of Noise Arcade. Originally from the US, Noise Arcade has been making music in Beijing under this current project for a considerable amount of time and is preparing for a tour of Southeast Asia quite soon.”