Launching 3/23!

Saoriiiii‘s new album is a mini one, her 2nd to be exact, and is called NOSTALGY. She’s experimenting with a slightly new style while sticking with her Electronic goodness, so that’s cool. Don’t know if this will be available on U.S. iTunes or anything though…  D: Dancing Through the Night and オ・マ・ジ・ナ・イ are my favorite tracks so far, based off of these samples at least.

Album preview and track list are both below!

-track list-
1. Retro Train
2. チャップリン・オーケストラ
3. バランタインtonight
4. オ・マ・ジ・ナ・イ
5. Dancing Through the Night
6. 港町ラブストーリー
7. チャップリン・オーケストラ(Cube Juice remix)


(Source: Saoriiiii Official)