DEAN “what2do” featuring some of the baddest!

So we got my Kpop cheesiness coming through on January 28th with my Ryeowook ballad, and now DEAN about to snatch the fuk out of my soul with what2do. But it’s not just DEAN, oh no, it features Crush (who just dropped some new shit that had me VIBIN’) and Jeff Bernat. Although I love Ryeowook’s voice I can already tell you guys now DEAN is going to be my favorite release of the two, and I’m already prepping my mind, body and soul for some epic vocal goodness. And just in case you were suspect on how deep this song is going to be, you have the MV teaser to PROVE that we’re gonna get something cold and heavy. LETS. GO.

p.s. This teaser looking like East Coast’s Tri-State area right about now lmaooo


(Source: Dean The Official)