JiYoung’s Japanese solo debut, “RADIO”

This song is a banger for what it is, which is simply JiYoung singing (screaming) in pretty much one tone with a raging, thumping EDM/Pop beat playing behind her, but it’s such an exciting track. Totally gets your blood rushing from the minute you click play and keeps your levels high until its conclusion. Oddly enough her “Japanese” debut is entirely in English, and good English at that. Her team definitely bought this track off of someone, cause its flow is too smooth for your typical Asian lyricist/composer writing English lyrics lol. That, or they have someone on their team that actually has a strong command for the language. I mean the girl says fuk in the song!!!! Excited to see what this ex-KARA member’s Japanese career is going to be like!

p.s. She’s only 22! I thought she was at least 24 holy shitttt. 94 line whoa~





(Source: Devilish Ponie)