Korean American rapper GiftedOnWestEast, also known as Gowe, has released the music video to his song I Wonder!

Released on the 7th Gowe’s song I Wonder has continually been gaining the respect and popularity it deserves. With an extremely touching story, many of Gowe’s fans have been supporting the message the song sends out.

I Wonder is what Gowe likes to call a “message in a bottle”. It’s a song dedicated to finding his biological mother. He imagines how hard it must have been for his mother to have a baby so young, and how despite the tribulations she has gone through, has still shown him love and support. Although Gowe was adopted and raised by a Chinese family his biological mother is Korean, putting him at a bit of a crossroads as to who he is.

While some adopted children may be upset or angry at the parent that sent them away, Gowe only wishes to meet his mother and show her how successful he’s become.

Make sure to support Gowe by clicking the source link. It’s his official Youtube channel.

(Source: GiftedOnWestEast)