Filipino American musician, Jeremy Passion, releases The TwitBook Medley 2 for his YouTube viewers.

The TwitBook Medley segments gathers the suggestions from his fans, followers and friends from his Twitter and Facebook to help chose which songs he will sing for the video.

I can say that there are a few personal favourites included in this particular video (*cough* Backstreet Boys *cough*) but I won’t spoil it too much so you can view the video below. His soft yet strong voice catches your attention and his piano renditions of the songs are put together nicely. I can honestly say I thought more transitions could have been used as he seems to stop and start new songs, but this is not a hindrance as his singing and piano playing are more significant than anything.

If you have yet to check out Jeremy’s channel, click the link below and view his other videos consisting of covers and original songs written by him.

What would you like Jeremy to sing for you in his next video? Check out his official fan page on Facebook or follow him on Twitter and let him know your suggestions.

(Source: passionsf)