This teaser has got me sold! NU’EST are back, finally, with their 4th mini album Q is! From the jump the instrumental snippet we get exhilarates like a sharp roller coaster drop, and then cradles us back to safety with smooth vocal rifts. Not just that, but the guys’ dark, edgy, cold styling is totally fitting of what I’m assuming is going to be a sad love song. Ugh, I’m am so ready for some Electronic Pop, 2k16-in-full-effect goodness. Pledis has been neglecting this group and I’m happy to see them BACK IN ACTION!!! I’m getting good vibes about this comeback ya’ll, really good vibes!

AND REN!!! THAT HAIR!!!!! WOW WOW!! Looks totally like a wig but I’m still digging it lmao.


(Source: 1theK)