And it’s in English! WHOOAAAAAAA

So much is making me like WHOAAAAAAAA, if you couldn’t already tell! The fact that Dwagie is even collaborating with Mobb Deep is just further proof of his prowess as a rapper, and this isn’t the first time he’s collabed with notable American rappers like, you know that one guy… what’s his name…? OH YEAH, MUH FUKIN NAS.

Not only that but Dwagie spits entirely in English here which is crazy. Although his flow is better in Mandarin, naturally, he holds his own. Initially I was kinda shocked at the N word being dropped by Mobb Deep in this song, but not because it’s like… bad or anything. When I took a few moments to think about it I realized that it actually shows how cross-cultural Mansion n Security is- it’s a truly multinational release that totally blends cultures THROUGH Hip Hop, which I’m all about.

Dwagie always gets me hype cause you never know what he’s gonna pull out next. He has Nas in one song, his mom in the other, and now Mobb Deep. Respect!

(Source: 人人有功練)