HONESTLY ANYONE WHO REMEMBERS THIS BAND GETS 10,000 COOKIES! I have such fond memories of Antic Cafe going all the way back to my younger years. It was around the time when I was just getting into Visual Kei, and I remember an online friend of mine introducing me to a variety of sick Jrock bands. She explained their members and everything in detail, being a sort of Japanese Rock mentor to me. Although I don’t remember her name (username or otherwise) I’ll always remember her essence, and I think that’s what counts! Escapism is such a good Pop Rock song with the best hook. Everything’s so bright and cute, high energy and totally Oshare! Yup, Escapism had its 10 year anniversary in 2015!

Dear friend, I hope you’re doing well and are as happy as can be!

(Source: neolectric)