NCT U “The 7th Sense” full MV

Really all we have here is a contemporary boy group performing contemporary music, riding on the trend of Trap and Hip Hop and putting something out that will satisfy the palates of many. The only thing is said group is backed by the biggest entertainment company in Korea, so there’s that. NCT U are a sub unit of good looking kids that show promise, and you can bet they already have a dedicated fanbase as is the case with most SM artists. I’m very impressed at the rapping prowess this group possesses because like… these are the best rappers SM has ever had. Seeing as Hip Hop is the latest trend in Korea it makes sense that SM would make sure their new group includes decent rappers that can flow, which is something their past artists haven’t been the greatest at. I mean let’s just be honest.

The 7th Sense is too boring for me and tries too hard to be different, and I can say the same for the choreography which I found to be awkward. But I am looking forward to seeing more of NCT U and NCT in general, cause the concept for these guys is super interesting. Can’t wait to see how this whole Neo Culture Technology thing is going to actually work out.

(Source: SMTOWN)