Perhaps one of the most underrated boy groups

People stay sleep on HISTORY! So many good members that are equally talented as they are handsome, don’t understand why they’re not more popular. Queen is from the guys’ 5th mini album HIM and is said to show off more of their manly charms. which is saying a lot because HISTORY are pretty manly on the regular (I give you their PSYCHO era). But yeah, check out the title track’s MV below and rejoice in all of the testosterone. It’s a good song, and all I wish is that it gets them some more attention!

The boy group ‘HISTORY’ will captivate the women’s heart this spring with the 5th mini album [HIM] which you can feel the wild charm of guys. The new album [HIM], as its name tells, appeals the charm of tough guys by highlighting the wild and sexy characters of members not only for visual but also for musical traits.

You can see various masculine appeals from the M/V of the title track ‘Queen’ that shows both HISTORY in neat and tidy suits as well as liberal and witty hip hop base. The stylish design which edited the Queen image of a card attracts the people’s attention.

(Source: 1theK)