All proceeds will go to helping the people of Kyushu and Kumamoto. Japanese Hip Hop heals!

Hawaii based producer Ohtoro teamed up with Kumamoto native Cookie MC to release Relax and Take Me to Kumamoto, a chill Summer bump full of love and encouragement. That’s exactly what Kyushu and Kumamoto need right now and we can help too by supporting the track through Bandcamp, as all proceeds go to those in need. It’s thanks to the internet that we’re able to come together and provide assistance like this, so let’s take advantage of the technology and use it to make a difference. More info below, straight form Ohtoro.

Help me raise money Kumamoto and Kyushu. All proceeds from sales will be donated to help the people out. I have a song on my Bandcamp page with Kumamoto artist Cookie (link in profile) with this 7-inch to be released very soon.Help them out and stay strong Kumamoto.

Thank you & Mahalo!




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