Full MV to “FLY” is finally here!

FLY has no frills, glitz or glam, and instead opts for a routine, standard and simple Pop sound. To be honest the decision to keep everything really vanilla makes sense seeing as this is Jessica‘s first independent music release, particularly as a former member of SNSD. An artist in her position would naturally want to cater to as many pallets as possible to keep things safe- as we know musical experimentation in Kpop comes way after the entertainer has solidified their position in the music industry as a solo artist. Combine that with Jessica’s shaky exit from the biggest girl group in Asia still being a hot topic and, yeah, the safer route is the best direction for her to take at the moment.

With all of this taken into consideration the track is good for what it is. Jessica sings in pretty much one range the entire song and that gets a bit annoying (and doesn’t show off her vocal skills although she’s never been the best singer), but I guess they made it work. Without a doubt the most standout part of this entire project was the music video which took on a really quirky, mid-west typeish concept.

Coridel invested money in this solo as was expected. Former member of SNSD or otherwise, Jessica is still a big name and anything less than top quality production would have been a sad embarrassment. What I’m really looking forward to is LOVE ME THE SAME. I still have this feeling that I’m going to much prefer that over FLY even though, as I’ve said, FLY is good for what it is and accomplishes its goal of being a consumer friendly and comfortable Pop record.