Full MV to “Love Me The Same” is perfect

With the combination of Fly and now Love Me The Same, Jessica has proven that she can hold her own as a solo singer with ease and grace. The concept of not just this release but the overall album is completely her style, true to who she’s presented herself to be, and is a delight to witness.  Love Me The Same shows us more of her vocal capabilities than Fly did which I’m very happy about seeing as Fly was very flat, and the overall mood of LMTS is reflective and calming which I enjoyed.

I think everyone was curious to see just how well Jessica would do on her own without the backing of Girls’ Generation, and got dammit she’s killing it. Again, super happy Coridel didn’t short her on production ’cause this MV is beautiful. Say what you will about Tyler Kwon, but the dude is taking care of her!