Lmaooooo I’m just kidding

Every time I see a new Visual Kei band I always think “Wow look at Mana-Sama’s influence, his legacy!”. He’s inspired so many people whether that be directly or indirectly, and I’m so happy to have been around long enough to know his work when he was still on top (even if it wasn’t for his entire career).

Shinotsuku Ame‘s 追憶の雨 (Rain of Reminiscence) is a raging Japanese Metal track with traditional Japanese influences, both within the music and visual (I really like vocal Taro’s remixed Kimono!). I made the joke about his Adam’s apple because it’s pretty big lmaooo and again, I was reminded of Mana-Sama. Now you know Mana was always on POINT! Dude was COMPLETELY androgynous, so much so that he could’ve passed completely as a woman! Taro, step your game up!!! 

Haha jokes aside though, I enjoyed Shinotsuku Ame’s release! New Visual Kei bands are always good, especially since their heyday has kind of passed.