BEAST is back. I’ve almost forgotten how they all look!

It’s been so long since we’ve gotten a BEAST comeback that I seriously forgot some of the members, especially since they’re not a bias group of mine. Kikwang looks very different to how I remember him, much more slimmed out- it’s almost crazy how unrecognizable he is.

Butterfly is a nice ballad track that makes for a proper return for BEAST. I’m used to explosive Pop tracks from the group but after being away for song long I find a softer approach much more appropriate, especially since they’ve recently lost a member. If you read the video’s comments you see some really awesome shit going down, like fans from different fandoms all coming together to celebrate and support the group’s return. The Kpop community can have a lot of BS between fandoms sometimes, but for the most part everyone’s unified through their love for Kpop and that’s always awesome to witness in action. Check out the much overdue BEATS comeback below!

(Source: BEAST)