SE7EN fits this Trap R&B genre pretty well~

SE7EN‘s I’M GOOD has been out for 12 hours and, just like the teaser yesterday, has yet to break 100k views across both his personal channel and 1theK’s. It’s a pity, because the song is completely contemporary and something I think many would love… they’re just too distracted by these new idol boys to care. I was getting into the slow, solemn vibe the song had and how it combined said sentimental elements with the modernity of Trap music to create a really solid and moody record. The bareness of the music video, whether that be intentional or for financial reasons, works with the somberness of the audio, totally adding to the track’s overall effect.

Final thoughts: I think I’m gonna buy this one! Again, quite upsetting SE7EN is being dissed by so many, at least internationally. Maybe Knetz and just general Korean people are giving it a more positive reaction, watching it on their own video platforms, but I know they watch YouTube too so who knows.

(Source: OfficialSe7en)