Korean-American rapper Azur? releases his newest single Embedded Love from his new mixtape Illusions of Oasis!

Illusions of Oasis is Azur?‘s life story. It’s his own tale told through his own words and a project that has been in the making for years. Now ready to reveal himself to the world Azur? releases the first single from his mixtape, Embedded Love.

Embedded Love is like an introduction. Azur? raps about his life as a child, his passion for music, and how he continues with his dream despite already receiving his college degree. He’s determined to chase after his dreams, make them his reality, and be as genuine during the process as possible.

“one of the biggest days of my life. i?m a tad nervous.

as many of my peers are getting jobs and finally showing the world their worth..i have been working on a collection of songs that i am finally ready to share with you.”


To download his new mixtape Illusions of Oasis head on over to his bandcamp page here: azureee.bandcamp.com

Azur?’s Twitter: @djskyblu

His Tumblr: azureee.tumblr.com

His Youtube channel: azureANDarnold

(Source: azureANDarnold)