YG’s new girl group BLACKPINK officially debut with “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE”

PAUSE. Before anyone tries to read me do know that I understand YG Entertainment is a “Hip Hop”, “Urban”, whateverthefu*k label. Now…

Half of these members were born in 1997, what the FU*K do they know about drinking Henny?! And why is Henny the alcohol of choice for these girls anyway?!

Bruh I’m already half dead with this girl group simply because of all of the try hard “urban” shit they’re trying to pull off and be about, but explaining that in detail would be a dissertation so let’s not. But honestly after you watch and listen to BLACKPINK you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. It’s like 2NE1’s urban influence cranked up several notches and I’m like :/

Speaking of 2NE1, with BLACKPINK’s debut it’s safe to say that group is officially done. BLACKPINK are literally 2NE1 both in style and sound, and you can tell which member will be the next CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy. Lalisa and Jennie hands down will be the two most popular members. I mean they’re being groomed to be with all of the camera time they get and the distribution of vocal parts, but you can tell outside of these things too. Those two girls literally grab ALL of the attention, they have that it factor, but I’m mostly talking about Lalisa. You can tell someone who’s gifted and WANTS this with all they’ve got- just like CL.

BOOMBAYAH (lol at the try-hard title) and WHISTLE are good songs. They each have an element of Hip Hop/Rap mixed in with the Kpop style as is customary of YG groups. I’m exciting to see how Lalisa and the others mature and grow through their music and what adults they’ll become- What will they be doing when they get to be 2NE1’s age? They have the talent and spunk, so I’m honestly excited to see what becomes of it.

You know, I wonder how it feels to be a new idol group and be INSTANTLY popular without really having to do the nugu grind? It’s nice to be a part of a major label that’s hyped the fu*k out of your group before debut!