Official MV out now!

I can see a bunch of teeny boppers really fuking with this song for its catchy island vibe and fun lyrics, even though it’s basically talking about getting intoxicated lol. The lyrics are soft enough to remain PG and are completely in English, which is a first for CL and very necessary for a true American debut (none of that Korean chorus stuff like they did with Hello Bitches). There’s a few cameo appearances by some notables in the visual, and it has an overall cool vibe with it being shot in New York. I think CL’s people positioned her right in the middle of sexy and Kpop, which is a good thing if they’re going for a Nickelodeon, middle school- high school age demographic. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t picture tons of 20+ year olds who weren’t CL fans previously listening to this song on their own accord. Lyrically it might be relevant to them, but sonically and visually it doesn’t have the grit and sex appeal that so many young adults in America are used to- Lifted actually sounds quite juvenile. Regardless I’m happy to see YG finally making this American debut happen, and I’m excited to see what comes of it.

(Source: CL)