Already have my faves picked out!

Lovelyz is still and forever will be my number 1. At this point I probably don’t even have to say it, I just want it to be pERFECTLY CLEAR.

PLEDIS Girlz are a group of trainees that each hold their own and are looking at a strong official debut. Eunwoo is a muh fucking Nana look alike and I love it, Sungyeon has such a welcoming, feminine charm, and Yebin is this classic and stunning beauty. I know a lot of people are tired of cute concepts, especially since they’re all generally executed in the same way, but I’m such a sucker for them. They’re meant to make you feel good and put you in this state of bliss, and for me that’s exactly what they do.

Eunwoo and Sungyeon co-composed the track with Minkyung joining in to help with lyrics, which is super impressive for a group of trainees. For some reason two members, Nayoung and Jieqiong, are absent from the video. Wonder what that’s about…

ANYWAY, very excited for this group! Loving their sound, the member’s individual charms, and the overall concept!

(Source: PLEDIS OFFICIAL & Soompi)