G2- “Dystopia”MV

G2 dropped his latest today, a wavy Hip Hop track called Dystopia brought to you by the always sick Hi-Lite Records. G2 has become the rapper I know I can rely on for a classic Hip Hop flow, with lyrical and visual content all about that mania buzzing around inside the membrane. This isn’t the first record of his that has a troubled and off-balance vibe to it, one that really hypnotizes you (OOMM being another example). I’m a huge fan of HAIL’s artistic style and I think it compliments G2 and his vibe to a T, you’ll see what I mean in just a few moments when you peep all of the awesomeness come together in Dystopia’s official MV below.

And the tracks available for free DL on Hi-Lite’s Soundcloud!

(Source: Hi-Lite Records)