My rose~~

The concept is dope, what with whole “8 tracks for 8 femmes” thing. It’s so typical of a singing dude lol but I fuk with it. 

ROSE features model Jung Hyuk, who you may not know by name but definitely know by face because of his very distinctive features (his mouth and bleached eyebrows). There’s a female lead that doesn’t get much air time but from what I can see she’s very pretty, even with obvious plastic surgery. It’s weird because usually someone that has OD PS isn’t really attractive anymore because they, well, went OD, but this girl is niceee (I like her nose).

ANYWAYYY ROSE is a smooth track that has a simple love story, and the MV takes you to the disco rollerskating era for some throwback feels. I’m not really focusing too much on the song because it’s just a standard R&B groove (with other musical elements thrown in there), so if you like that genre you’ll like this. Make sure to check out 8 Femmes and ROSE below!