Watch the new MV for “Hanataba wo Kimini” after the break!

The day so many of us have been waiting for is finally here! Ahead of her long awaited album Fantôme, which is only a month away, comes the new version of Hanataba Wo Kimini‘s music video, one that stars Hikki in a simple, black and white setting. You can sense Utada’s newfound maturity and refinement immediately after pressing play, and I’m looking forward to seeing how she channels all of her new experiences (the good and the bad) from the past 5 years into her music.

Hanataba wo Kimini was directed by Takeishi Wataru, who has worked with Utada on numerous other projects like Prisoner of Love, Wait & See ~risk~, Addicted To You, and For You/time limit amongst others.

The MV is only avaialble on her Japanese website, so click here to watch it!

(Source: UtadaHikaru & U.Blog)