Asian-American emcee Lil Crazed has released the music video to his When I’m Gone remix from the Chapter 3: Liberation mixtape

Lil Crazed combines his passion for music and the memory of 9/11 to create a song of tribute. It was ten years ago that his poetry gave suffering families strength, and it was then that Lil Crazed realized that, if he continued, he could help more people through the form of music.

On 9/11/2001, I wrote my first poem for all those affected by the horrible tragedy. That poem was the first time I received national attention for my words. Thus sparking the fire for me to continue writing and ultimately red to cross into music. 10 years later after the endless doubts mixed with my hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, I proudly present my liberation.

My heart goes out to all families affected by the September 11th tragedy. Please remain strong and positive.

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