yoonmirae “윤미래 _’잠깐만 Baby (JamCome On Baby)” music video

Yoonmirae is packing all kinds of punches, stomping on every patch of pavement, and continues to define effortless cool. JamCome On Baby possesses confidence only achieved when you’ve been settled into your own, doing you without any doubts. You either mess with her or you don’t, either way Yoon is gonna keep doing her thing with unrelenting force, and this is all crystal clear in the release.

The single includes the Korean and English versions of JamCome On Baby as well as a remix of This Love by Smells & Reno (Smells uploaded it onto his Soundcloud so I’ll include that below, too). This single is great and well worth the 2.99 iTunes price tag. Cop it without question.