It’s like… anime and EDM and chibi vocals all in one!!!!

okay so maybe they’re not bangers but still i loveeeee.

There’s like this dope segment of Japanese producers that take anime/idol vocals and combine them with their own dope EDM/Japanese Pop instrumentals, or remix them, and it’s just so sickkkkk! CINDERELLA MASSIVE is one such producer and through his songs I’ve discovered other similarly awesome producers. I’m gonna include his entire Soundcloud feed below for you guys to just click play and listen to. The music is so much fun, instant party at 3AM all by yourself (I speak from experience)!

I’m almost positive that all of the vocal samples CINDERELLA MASSIVE uses come from The Idolmaster and other such games/anime because he lists himself as being a part of 346 Production which is a fictional talent agency that only exists within The Idolmaster lol, and Cinderella Girls is an anime set within The Idolmaster universe.