Korean boy group “U-KISS” release their new Korean single, ‘Cinderella’

Sighhhhhhh. Just take one of your Japanese instrumentals, slap some Korean on it and you’d be good, U-KISS! I’m not saying this is bad, but I’ve liked their recent Jpop stuff way more. Cinderella sounds a bit R&B/Popish, and although that style is awesome it’s no longer relevant. Not at the moment, at least. We need heart pounding, fist pumping dance tracks, like what they’ve been doing in Japan. I just really want to see U-KISS win an award on these Korean music programs already, especially since they’re one of my favorite Kpop boy groups, so each release I feel won’t get them that win makes me cringe inside. What do you all think of Cinderella?

(Source: AsianDreamAudio3)